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Rakvere Theatre touring North America with "In the Whirl of Winds"


They rebel and demand their rights. One man thinks of the entire nation, but can't see the woman beside him. A second man demands the return of his land and loves the bride of another man. The woman doesn't know whom to choose. Passions surge, people fight. Everyone wants only the best, but everything is in a hurricane, inside the whirling winds. Who wins in such a situation?

Whirl Wind
Rakvere Theatre from Estonia tours North America with a famous play by August Kitzberg "In the Whirl of Winds". The play was written more than 100 years ago. In 1906 it was the opening play of the first Estonian professional theatre Vanemuine.

The play won the Audience Award of Rakvere Theatre in 2010/2011 as best production and was one of eight theatre productions that were chosen for the main programme of the Estonian Theatre Festival DRAMA 2011.

Sept 16th 2pm Chicago Estonian House
Sept 20th and 21st 7pm Ohio Northern University
Sept 23rd 2pm Toronto Tartu College (adult $20, students $10)
Sept 26th 8pm Washington H Street Playhouse (Facebook event here)
Sept 29th 7pm New York, Abigail Adams Smith Auditorium

Show will be translated simultaneously into English

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