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Remarks by Guntis Ulmanis, President of the Republic of Latvia

Dear President,

ladies and gentlemen, today is a happy day as we are signing the U.S.A.-Baltic Charter. This charter will serve as a key for the next century. It makes us allies. Our signatures provide the strategic philosophy for the next century. They mark strong Atlantic -- and also the formation of a new Europe. The Baltic region is a success story for all who shape it by their everyday work.

I call on President Clinton and his administration to get actively involved in the formation of its future. The symbolic meaning of the charter has been expressed in its first words, which speak about our common vision of the future. It has been created by people of our country in continuous work by mutual enrichment. I am proud of my people and its strengths. I am proud of my friends who I am happy to welcome here.

Thank you. (Applause.)


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